Your contribution to the preservation of the church

We charge the so-called Marien-Taler for visiting the church. The Marien-Taler is used for the care and preservation of the church and its art treasures. This amounts to €4.00 (reduced €2.00) and can be paid on site in cash or by card.


Admission is free for children and young people as well as members of the church.
The discount applies to students, the unemployed, Hartz IV recipients and people with disabilities.


The group discount is €1.00 per person from the 11th person (i.e. €3.00 per person). Payment with a voucher is possible for groups.
Please note these instructions.


The Marien-Taler is not charged for personal prayer and devotion or for attending public devotions and church services.


St. Mary's Church is available for prayer and devotion during the opening hours.