"Right now you have more than the others," the apostle Paul reminds the church in Corinth in his letter. "Therefore it is only right that you should help those in need." So Paul called for a collection for the church in Jerusalem.
Regular collections, offerings and sacrifices at church services emerged as the oldest form of help between Christians. Donations, collections and foundations for special purposes and tasks in the church and diaconia were added.


It is only through these financial resources that the projects of our church community are made possible. Even the maintenance of the building or the renovation of the organ is only possible thanks to the support of foundations, support associations and donors.


We are happy to receive donations to finance the ongoing work of the parish and to maintain the building of St. Mary's Church. Please provide your full contact details so that we can issue you with a donation receipt. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Account at the Sparkasse zu Lübeck
IBAN: DE83 2305 0101 0160 0898 50

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Thank you for supporting our mission! Donations to St Mary maintain our works in the town, our care for each other, and the greater community.  

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This money will be used to renovate the church building and to sustain our parish and each other.

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