St. Mary's Pastor Inga Meißner

Inga Meißner was born in Berlin, grew up in Hamburg and studied with a focus on the Old Testament and church history. She completed her vicariate in Hamburg-Stellingen and at Diakonie Alten Eichen. From 2011 to 2015, she worked as a pastor in Lauenburg/Elbe, then in the Paul Gerhardt parish in Lübeck. Inga Meißner has loved the Hanseatic city since her first visit around twenty years ago - and also the Buddenbrookhaus: "I adore Thomas Mann. How nice that Toni Buddenbrook was also confirmed in St. Mary's," says Meißner.


City church tasks
"I have a 50% position at St. Marien and will mainly be responsible for church duties. That means planning and organizing events, developing and implementing visions to make the church space a special experience for everyone." This is a part of her job that she particularly appreciates: the creative freedom. "When I bring an idea together with my faith, it has the potential to become something great." And Inga Meißner finds inspiration for this directly in St. Marien: "Even as a teenager, I visited this church and wished I could work here one day. Now this dream is coming true". The pastor is naturally impressed by the design and history of the unique church, but also by the special atmosphere: "I experience and feel God very intensely here. It does something to me. It gives me goose bumps".


You can reach Pastor Meißner via mail at or by phone: +49 451 39770 14.